Featured Post for October 30th - CID The Dummy

CID The Dummy is an exciting full of energy video game that reminds me of the original games we all use to play when we were kids. This is a cute cartoon character made to look like the crash test dummy. He sets voyage to find a kidnapped girl while running into all sorts of obstacles. There are two tutorial levels that teach the basics of control and helps you to learn the moves that will get you through the game. The tutorials were real fun and helped alot, preparing us for our adventure. Our family has an age range from five all the way up to 39 and this was a big hit for everyone in our family. It was a bit difficult for the younger ones, I would recommend this game for anyone ten plus - the rating was right on. It has a rating of E for Everyone 10+ for light cartoon violence. The boys loved it as they found it challenging to get through each level.

CID The Dummy retails starting at approximately $19.99. It is available for the Wii, PC, XBOX, and PS2. Publisher is O-Games.

Featured Post for October 29th - Kaskey Kids

I have two boys and they both love action figure, what boy doesn't, right? I am not a big fan of weapons, I do not let my children play with toy guns and I do not like them watching violence on TV. It is so hard these days to keep them away from all that. Even watching cartoons with them you see it, things are so different today than they were back then. Kaskey Kids provides children with high quality sports action figures that encourage the imaginary play of children. Pairing up two of kids favorites activities; playing with action figures and sports; children will spend hours playing with safe, fun and ideal toys. Kaskey kids recently won the 2009 Mom's Best Award meeting the strict Mom's Best Award approval process.
My youngest son is a baseball player. He loves the game and we love watching him getting involved in something he is so passionate about. When he received the baseball set of action figures he was thrilled! All the kids played, including dad for hours that day. What I loved also about this set is it can help those involved in the sport learn more about the game. With my son being six he is just learning the game, this set was good to teach him where the positions are and the rules of the game. It was great watching him get some bonding time with dad too!

You can purchase Kaskey Kids at www.kaskeykids.com For $24.99 you can get the entire set, including a container to hold everything in and a felt field.

Pros -
  • A great bonding opportunity between Father & Son
  • Helps to teach the child the rules / positions of the sport
  • Reasonably priced
  • Comes with a storage container w/handle
  • Durable and long lasting
Cons -
  • No professional teams are available as of now, although that might change soon....
My son gave this product 4 out of 5 stars simply because you cannot purchase your favorite team. Only college teams are available for now.

Disclaimer: Thank you Kaskey Kids for providing us with a sample of the product. This in no way hindered our review of the product.

Featured Post for October 28th - Your Picture Book

I always love it when the kids make the gift that they give me. It has so much more meaning knowing they spent so much time on it and put that extra love into it. It is always a gift that will be remembered and will hold many memories. The same goes for children - they love seeing themselves in a way they have not seen before or maybe in something they dream about doing. Your Picture Book has taken personalized books to a new level. Your child will not only hear their name, but see themselves on every page. Before adding your child's picture to the storybook illustrations, they digitally convert the child’s photo to appear as a painting. "This gives a seamless blending of child and illustration that looks almost like the child and illustrations were painted together."
The book being featured in this post is the one they sent for my youngest daughter. She absolutely loved it. She loves playing teacher and uses this book almost daily to "teach her students" their numbers!
Your Picture Books are reasonably priced for a personalized item starting at $34.95 for hard cover, but you can always go with soft cover for $8 less. Their coloring books start at only $14.95, and DVD's start at $29.95. For the holiday season they have "My Christmas Adventure" personalized DVD. Your child will be the star when Jack Frost sets out to ruin Christmas. Packed with bonus features, this 30 minute action packed DVD features the child's face in full color throughout as they become one of Santa's favorite elves.

Pros -
  • A gift that has deep feeling, holds many memories and will be loved by all
  • Simple wording and easy for the kids to read
  • Personalized picture blends right into the book
  • Reasonably priced
  • Available in hard cover, making it last longer
  • You can personalize the inside of the book for no extra cost

Cons -
  • Not many options available (you have three book choices)
My daughter gives this 5 stars out of 5 stars! She uses this book almost everyday to play class and reads this book more than any other book she has.

You can purchase from Your Picture Book at www.yourpicturebook.com

Disclaimer: Product was provided for the review. Thank you Your Picture Book for providing the sample product.

Featured Post for October 27th - Plasma Car

Remember being a kid back in the day? We would have to pedal and pedal, using up all of our energy and tiring out quickly. With the Plasma Car there is no pedaling, you just move your body side to side while turning. The kids get plenty of exercise without even really knowing it. Get this - the Plasma Car can hold up to 220 pounds giving us adults that opportunity to have some fun with the kids. We had races at our house and used it in an obstacle course that my daughter created. It was fun to know my husband & I could ride it without breaking it!!

The Plasma Car is built to last with high-quality plastics, rugged and durable, simple to operate, no pedals, no gears, and is fun for the entire family. You can purchase the Plasma Car here and at specialty shops across the U.S. The car comes in many different colors and can be bought for $69.95.

Pros -
  • It's lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Can hold up to 220 lbs allowing fun for the entire family
Cons -
  • Price is a bit more than I would pay for this
  • The surface must be very flat for this to work properly and get the full effect
My youngest son who is six gave this 3 out of five stars in his "fun" rating. He said it was fun and he did like it, but would "rather ride my scooter or bike."

Featured Post for October 26th - YMI Jeans

As a woman a must have item in our wardrobe must be a good quality, long lasting pair of jeans. You can do so much with jeans, whether it's just a day out on the town running errands, taking care of the kids around the house, or a night on the town - they are one of the most versatile pieces of clothing we have. A fairly new company, founded in 2000, YMI Jeans is the leader in junior denim. As a mother in my early thirties, and having four children, I am not lucky enough to shop in the junior department. But also as a young mother of four I like to stay up to date in fashion and always try to look my best when out, even when running errands! Their jeans are so stylish and fun, with many options to choose from.
Pros -
  • Stylish & Cute
  • Perfect Fit around the hips and throughout the legs
  • They run about two sizes smaller than the norm - boosting your self-esteem with a smaller size!
  • Price is average running from about $19.99 up to $48.00
  • Free shipping on orders over $50, shipped ground and in the U.S. only
Cons -
  • They do not carry petite sizes and run long in length
  • No refunds on sale merchandise (you can exchange or receive store credit)

Shop YMI Jeans at www.ymijeans.com YMI is also available in upscale department stores such as Nordstrom, Dillards, Macy's and other select specialty stores across the U.S. and worldwide. YMI products are available in sizes 0-13 in juniors, 14-24 in juniors plus, XS-XL in sports wear and 7-16 for girls.

Disclosure: Thank you YMI Jeans for providing me with a pair of jeans for the review. This in no way had any influence on this posting. The opinions here are of my own.