Featured Post for October 27th - Plasma Car

Remember being a kid back in the day? We would have to pedal and pedal, using up all of our energy and tiring out quickly. With the Plasma Car there is no pedaling, you just move your body side to side while turning. The kids get plenty of exercise without even really knowing it. Get this - the Plasma Car can hold up to 220 pounds giving us adults that opportunity to have some fun with the kids. We had races at our house and used it in an obstacle course that my daughter created. It was fun to know my husband & I could ride it without breaking it!!

The Plasma Car is built to last with high-quality plastics, rugged and durable, simple to operate, no pedals, no gears, and is fun for the entire family. You can purchase the Plasma Car here and at specialty shops across the U.S. The car comes in many different colors and can be bought for $69.95.

Pros -
  • It's lightweight
  • Easy to operate
  • Can hold up to 220 lbs allowing fun for the entire family
Cons -
  • Price is a bit more than I would pay for this
  • The surface must be very flat for this to work properly and get the full effect
My youngest son who is six gave this 3 out of five stars in his "fun" rating. He said it was fun and he did like it, but would "rather ride my scooter or bike."


  1. I love this product. It is awesome that there is a fun ride on toy that doesn't require peddles, batteries or gas. This rocks!!

  2. These look like so much fun! My dd would love it.

  3. These are fun! We rode them at an amusement park once.

  4. What a fabulous idea!!! I'm all for anything that gets kids moving!!!

    Thanks so much!!
    Michele R.(CA)
    Luvkittysgiveaways at Gmail dot com
    Butterfly Whispers

  5. THis looks like so much fun for everyone. I want to try and ride it myself.

  6. I can not believe I missed this. I think that the kids would have a blast with on of these.