Give A Share

**Disclosure: Give A Share provided us with one share of stock and a shareholder kit for review of their products and services. The opinion below is that of my own of the product and company.

Give A Share is a really unique educational gift that will truly last a lifetime. Isn't it a fact that time and time again all the money you spend on gifts that end up not being played with or shoved under the bed to never be seen again? Give A Share sells one share of stock ownership with over 100 of the most popular companies in the world to choose from. Companies include Disney, Domino's, Starbucks, and even Mattel.

I really love these kind of gifts - they don't get forgotten about, shoved under the bed or in the back of a closet, and do not get worn out or broken. The best part is that it is something that your children can learn about and possibly help them in their future. When you buy the one share of stock you become a true shareholder with that company and are entitled to dividends, annual reports, and sometimes companies will have other perks for their shareholders. Prices of the stock are the market price listed on the NYSE or NASDAQ plus their fee, which is less than a stock broker would charge, and a lot easier too. For someone like me who does not know much about the stock market, the process makes it so easy in becoming a shareholder! The I'm A Shareholder Kit is great for teaching kids the in and outs of the stock market. The Shareholder Kit starts at $17 and comes with a ten dollar off coupon for their first share.

Give A Share is a part of Leading Edge Gifts which is home to five unique gift sites. Another one of those site is Give A Caricature. This is kind of like those artists drawings you see walking through the amusement parks but even better! I love this site and am considering it for my blog. They really make it simple - all you do is upload the photo you would like recreated, describe the scene you want and let them do their magic! Now pricing starts at $99 which is a bit steep, but if it's for something like your blog / website then it is worth the price, in my opinion! You can visit Give A Caricature at

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  1. What a great gift idea! I would love to do this for my kids once they start school. Kind of reminds me of the Leave it To Beaver episode when the Beav bought stocks... Did you try this product for your kids?