Beatles RockBand

**Disclosure: We were provided with a copy of The Beatles Rock Band Game to review in order to write an honest review. No compensation was received for this feature.

If you anywhere near my age and grew up listening to rock music that our parents always had playing then you will love this game! Beatles music is the kind of music that will get anyone moving and singing along. I was so excited to have RockBand come out with a Beatles version. I can honestly say that The Beatles RockBand is amazing and so much fun!! With six of us in our family it was so much fun and good quality time! Us three girls were the singers and the boys played the instruments - that was the most fun I have had in a long time!!! It felt good to be laughing and having fun with the kids while sharing some legendary music at the same time.

The Beatles RockBand features 45 classic songs including "I saw her standing there" and "Yellow Submarine" This is the first music game to offer harmonies as part of game play. The girls and I had a great time singing along. My youngest daughter who is five could not read the words so she just hummed and it still picked it up. My only problem and downside with this game is that the words were so small I really had to concentrate and squint to be able to see the words and get through the songs. But.....the quality time with the family and fun we had made up for that! The boys were great on the instruments! Even my youngest who is six turned out to be a pro on the drums! I highly recommend this game for any gamer or rock lover on your list!

Visit for more information. The Beatles RockBand is available for Wii, Xbox, PS3 and can be purchased at most any major retailer.

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