Jump Start

**Disclosure: JumpStart provided me with a year member ship for this review, in order to be able to give you honest feedback. I have not received any monetary compensation for this feature.

With the kids out of school and the crazy winter weather some of us have had, we need something to help keep the kids entertained while stuck indoors. When ever the kids have some time off from school, I always try to keep them up on their work so that when they go back to school they will be fresh and ready to go.

JumpStart helps to inspire kid's minds in the way that as they play they learn with out even knowing it! As a mother to four children, this is really something I believe in. I think that children learn best when they are having fun at something. My two youngest love JumpStart - I always have to do a coin flip to see who is going to get to go first.

"JumpStart is an award-winning adventure-based 3D virtual world that is super-personalized, wildly imaginative and really fun, but don't let that fool you - it also teaches math, reading, and critical thinking skills so kids get a real jump start in life."

They have different levels for different ages - all in a virtual world where they can actually step in to a place they can call their own. My daughter loved to play the games to earn rewards - for example some of the reward you can earn are decorations for your house and music to dance to. My youngest son he just likes to play the games to test his knowledge and to see how far he can get. He will play over and over - it makes him proud when he can complete a level. Jump start has many varieties and it's really a great way for the children to spend their free time.

Visit JumpStart for more information at www.jumpstart.com

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