T-Mobile MyTouch

**Disclosure: I was given this device on a loan agreement in order to review for this feature. The phone has been returned and all opinions are of my own, your opinion may vary.

T-Mobile myTouch 3G is the follow up to the T-Moblie G1 - the worlds first Android Device. The phone features a touch screen with a virtual keyboard built into a very slim and smooth design. The weight of the phone was a surprise - it is heavier than I would expect it to be, but being so slim it does make up for it. I can easily fit it into my purse or even can slide it into my pocket when not carrying a purse. With this phone you can personalize it to match your style and interests. My Touch customers can take advantage of Sherpa - an application that features GENIE (Geodelic Engine for Interest Evaluation), a learning engine that automatically customizes itself to the user's preferences. The phone features full HTML web browser which I used a lot of while on the road. It was a bit slow, but if you are in an area where you have full bars it won't really seem like too long.

As a family we are on the road a lot! We love to go out and living in the remote high desert, that usually means we have to drive at least an hour when going out to an event. One thing I just fell in love with was Google Maps. Living in Los Angeles, the traffic can be horrific out here. All I would need to do is hit "my location" and it would find us on the map and give us the easiest and quickest way to our destination. Now my husbands favorite part of this was the traffic map. I thought it was pretty cool myself - but we were able to see the upcoming traffic and the flow the traffic was moving at.

All in all we loved the phone! I loved it for all the fun apps and being able to keep up with twitter & my blog, my husband loved the Google Maps and my kids all loved the fun games they could play on there!

Visit T-Mobile for more information - myTouch 3G

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