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**Disclaimer: Leap Frog did provide my family with a Leapster 2 and games for this review / feature. I did not receive monetary compensation for this review and the opinions below are of my own, your opinions and experience may vary.

Leap Frog has been around for many years. My oldest is about to turn 14 and I remember buying Leap Frog products for him when he was a toddler. As a Mother, it is a brand I trust and know I can comfortably allow my children to interact with their products. I have to admit I am one of those parents who do not like my children to watch violent shows , but these days it is so hard to limit because almost everything they watch there is something that is not acceptable, including the violence in video gaming.
The Leapster 2 Handheld is the newest member of the Leap Frog family. The Leapster 2 has an expanded-memory, which is the only educational gaming handheld connected to a comprehensive online learning world, designed especially for children ages 4-8 years old. The additional memory and virtual experience allow an unprecedented synergy of offline and online play, for anywhere fun. We drive a lot and this has become very handy in the car. My two youngest children are five and six; one boy and one girl. Online they have an opportunity to go beyond learning ABC's and 123's through games in which players can explore concepts to see what happens in addition to learning right and wrong answers.

Leapster two has over 40 great titles that your children will love. With the opening of Disney's Princess and the Frog this weekend, your little ones will love Leap Frog's newest game Disney The Princess and the Frog.

"Get swept away by this American fairy tale based on the Disney animated film The Princess and the Frog ! Tiana and Prince Naveen have been turned into frogs. Help them safely navigate New Orleans and the Bayou so they can return to human form and be married! Features expanded play for the Leapster2 system, so Leapster2 players can connect online for extra games, activities, and rewards, and parents can connect online to the LeapFrog® Learning Path to see what their child is playing and learning."


  • -Number and letter recognition
  • -Counting
  • -Logic and reasoning skills
  • -Music
You can visit Leap Frog @ www.leapfrog.com The new Leapster 2 is currently on sale for $59.99

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