Are you looking for a place where you can save money this holiday season, but still want the latest fashion and name brands? T.J. Maxx is just that place. Your one stop shopping for those on your list expecting name brand items. I have to admit I am a clearance shopper, I will never ever pay full price for something! Why should I, when I can get the same thing, somewhere else at a lower price?

A couple weeks ago we decided to go ahead and get my youngest son a new pair of jeans. He just could not wait until Christmas, they were that bad. Believe it or not my son, yes son, is the pickiest when it comes to his clothes and shoes. And he's only six years old!! Anyway, we had gone to "another department store" because we were not looking to spend much at the time and figured he could find something under $10 - boy was I wrong. First we ran into the trouble of him jeans that even fit - he is really thin and tall. Then the prices were a bit high. T.J. Maxx was right next door and I thought, we might as well give it a try since we are here - I was not in the mood to travel anywhere else, it was late and I was tired. We walked next door and found the boys section pretty easy. They had many name brands for more than 50% than they regularly run for. With in ten minutes we had six pairs of jeans over our shoulder and ready to try on. We found a pair that fit - or should I say he liked - and now I am hooked!! I am a huge huge name brand lover and seeing all those name brands for more than half off just made me want to buy and buy LOL luckily my husband was there, or should I say I am sure he is thankful he had gone that night :)

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