The iGo Charge Anywhere

**Disclosure: iGo provided us with one device to review for this feature. No monetary compensation was received.

The iGo Charge Anywhere ($49 MSRP) is small enough to fit in your pocket and can power two low power devices (cell phone, PDA, MP3 player, GPS and gaming devices) at the same time without the use of a wall outlet. Small and lightweight, the iGo Charge Anywhere has foldable wall blades that easily store away and functions as a standard wall outlet as the battery recharges.

This device is perfect for families who like to travel a lot, who are on the go a lot, or even for those who don't always remember to charge their devices at night, the iGo Charge Anywhere allows you to pack one charger to power multiple devices, which frees up valuable luggage space. The Charge Anywhere is also perfect for camping and other outdoor trips where you would want to stay powered up, but do not have access to a wall outlet.

Our family is on the road a lot - most of our family is at the least an hour away. We love going out, to events and letting the children just explore what life has to offer. We don't always have time to charge our devices, either that or we simply are so tired when we get home we don't think about plugging our devices in before hitting bed. This was great, it was so easy to use and we never had a problem with it not charging. What I loved most about it is that it was not some large device we had to drag with us, it easily fit in my purse - where I always keep it!

Great device - thumbs up for any on the go, busy parent! For more information visit

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