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**Disclosure: Our family was given a sample product of one of our son's name for this review. No monetary compensation was received. The opinion below is that of my own, your opinion may vary.

From the moment we find out the sex of our child, we start thinking about their room, the theme and our decorating diva comes out in us. Inspire Your Walls is there to help you with that. They are an inexpensive, fun and affordable way to add decor to your home. I love decorating, and when I saw this, it took me hours to go through their designs to pick my favorites. They not only have sayings, but can do names, pictures, and even cute children's themes. They had sent us my youngest son's name. We already had my daughters name in her room, so my son wanted the same. He put his name right above his bed, it was very easy to apply. It ended up being a bit crooked and I was so afraid to take it off, that it would not look good reapplying it. We thought we would test it out and if not we could always use tape. We removed it, positioned it right and reapplied. I even got the kids involved by rubbing the back of the sheet, then rubbing on it once it was placed on the wall. I think it gives my son a little pride seeing his name up on his wall - he loves it and now says no one call say this is not "his room"!! LOL!!
Wall words are a great addition to any room, my favorite spot being above the hall entry or above the main entrance. It brings a warm feeling into the home and a sense of security.

Wall words are a great house warming gift and a great way to start off the new year with! Inspire Your Walls also carries vinyl lettering, wall art and home decor.

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