Artistic Sensations

Artistic Sensations is a family based company that specializes in helping to create your child's "dream" room. They offer hundreds of unique items to dazzle up any child's room. Sometimes it can be hard trying to decide on the perfect gift for the children on your list. An easy, simple gift that any child would love no matter what age would be anything that would help accessorize their room.

They sent us this cat pillow, which at first I was not sure what to expect. I know though that my five year old daughter would love it no matter what. When it arrived I was a little surprised. It was something I could easily make myself. This pillow sells for $35.00 - too over priced for the quality you get. Again, it was cute and cuddly, but.....something that would so easy to make. I do not sew as a hobby, but could easily do this one.

Pros -
  • Cute
  • Soft
  • Kids love it, especially the younger ones
  • Most of their other items are so cute and great to accessorize any child's room
Cons -
  • Too much to spend on something you could easily make yourself

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  1. I would love that for my kids! My son loves dogs and would adore that pillow pictured.

  2. our gal would love this.. so cute and a one of kind pillow. The kids would be laying down for naps with this pillow!