Little girls and fancy umbrellas just go hand in hand, as do little boys in seek of imagination. Without a doubt children of all ages love to look cute and have fun while doing so. Kidorable gives them just that with the cutest umbrellas, most with matching rain coats. From Ladybugs to Pirates Kidorable brings you the latest in kids fashion.
This is the perfect gift for the little ones in your life. When we received ours, my little girl wanted to wear it everyday, rain or no rain! We do not have any cons about this product or the company. You can find Kidorable at
Umbrellas are only $13.50!! How cute is the one above for the little boys! You can also sign up for the Kidorable Birthday Club - Thirty days before the birthday of the children you sign up, they will send you a free gift, plus a special offer only available to Kidorable Birthday Club members.

***Kidorable is supporting Toys for Tots by donating $1 for every new Kidorable Facebook Fan that signs up between Nov 1-Dec 25! (up to 500 fans). In addition, if Kidorable reaches 2,000 Facebook fans by Dec 25, it will donate 250 umbrellas to the U.S. Marine Corps Reserve Toys for Tots Program. Please help them to reach their goal - visit their Facebook page at


  1. The lady bug umbrella is so cute. I hope they reach their goal.

  2. This company is great! I already have the Ladybug umbrella and my daughter loves it. I have a friend who has a little I think the frog would be our next choice. The rain boots are next on our list!!!

  3. wow That is so nice of them. I hope they reach their goal.

  4. I love the matching rain coats and boots! Too cute!!